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A fresh start


Piece of Me is back from the hiatus and better than ever! As you probably could have guessed from a mere glance at the brand spanking new and shiny AF site, there will be quite a few things that are going to change around here, so let's dive right into it. Without further ado, here's what's new about the comic:

A revamped site! You surely have noticed by now that the website looks a bit … different than it did when I left for the last month. As you see, I did manage to make use of that time by revamping pretty much everything about the page – the look, functionality, heck, almost the entire code is brand new. Of course, no new website is without its faults, so if you happen to spot anything off or not working properly, please leave your suggestions or bug reports in the comments below. Which brings me to the next part …

A proper blog! If you're reading this right now, you probably already found it. Yes, each blog post has its own page now AND, as I mentioned in the last post, you can now comment on every post I make, which in turn should – at least in theory – incentivise me to write a few posts more. By the way, pay close attention to the orange „NEW“ on the front page. Whenever this shows up, it informs you that a new blog post has been added within the last week. Just so you know.

A bit of a new theme! So I did some introspection and came to the conclusion that slice of life comics only got so much material in them. Which led me to the decision to take Piece of Me into a bit of a different direction. That's not to say that I'll abandon those strips altogether, quite the contrary – they're still what kicked Piece of Me off in the first place. I will however make more strips that take Piece of Me into a more … absurd direction. So do look forward to that, I hope you'll enjoy it just as much.


Alright, that about wraps us up. As much needed as this last pause was, it's really good to be back. Thank you all so much for sticking around and for your incredible patience – most webcomics don't quite recover from such a long hiatus and I'm really glad to have garnered such a lovely and dedicated community around this stupid little comic I've created over the past six or seven years (I honestly, genuinely lost count). Either way, here's to a fresh start and a – hopefully – great new direction for Piece of Me! Cheerio!


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