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Piece of Me on YouTube


Have you ever wondered how a Piece of Me comic strip gets made but you've never been able to catch a livestream for one reason or another? Or do you simply lack the time or indeed patience to sit through the inane ramblings of Mike, Rolicious and Yours Truly? Well, you sound like a sensible person with better things to do AND you're in luck! Because not only does Piece of Me now have its own YouTubechannel that you can and totally should subscribe to, there's also both full livestream recordings and timelapse videos on there, so no matter whether you've got the time to spare or you're in a hurry, there's something for everyone. In case everyone is curious about my creative process, which is statistically unlikely.

Oh well.

Anyway, you can find the YouTube channel right here, so please feel free to check it out and maybe subscribe if you feel like it – it really goes a long way and hopefully ensures that you won't miss a video upload or Livestream (more on that at a later date).


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