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Merry Christmas, merry break


Hey there everybody, long time no read! Have you noticed the weird festive spirit going on around you and that strange white stuff falling from the sky lately? You know what that means – christmas is near and I'm going to spend some quality time with family and friends to celebrate and recharge my batteries (the latter of which is way overdue after this rocky a year, oh geez oh boy). Piece of Me will return on January the second, including the first stream of the year on January the first on picarto.tv/pomcomic, so now you know how to start your year properly. You're welcome.

My sincerest thanks for all your support and everything else I can't think of off the top of my head. Special thanks to Mike and Rolicious for being such great co-hosts on our Luau streams and to Spike for helping me out with silly comic ideas and, as sappy as that sounds, thank all three of you for being there for me when I needed it the most (and for keeping me on track with some tough love). Love you dudes.

In any case, I hope you'll be enjoying yourselves without me and my comics and I'm looking forward to make y'all laugh again in 2018. Until then, have a nice whatever-you-happen-to-celebrate and a good new year. Cheers!


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