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A day off and Vienna Comix discounts!


Hey there guys - don't worry, this isn't an April fools' joke. I'm just dropping by to let you know that tomorrow's comic will be a bit late because my girlfriend and I have a little something to celebrate. She's turning 9,000 days old and as it turns out, I'm exactly 2,000 days older than her, which means I'm turning 11,000 days old today. Crazy coincidence, isn't it? We've also figured as much, so I'm taking a day off and spend some quality time with her, which means the livestream will be tomorrow and the comic will be uploaded on Wednesday.

What else is new? Ah yes, I'll be at the Vienna Comix this weekend, so if you haven't yet met me, now's your chance! In fact, I'll make you all an offer you can't refuse: If you mention Space Invaders at my booth, you'll get a hefty 25% off of your entire purchase! That's right, just mention Space Invaders and I'll take an entire fourth off whatever you buy at my booth. So don't be shy, come by and say Hi. And buy a couple books. But "don't" tell your friends *wink*


Journey to the Skyline
West by Kate Slinger
Void Comics
by Ezekiel Rage
Antares Complex
by Mike Girardin