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Hey hey everyone, long time no read! To make up for my long absence from the blog I've got some exciting news – all three Piece of Me books are now available on Amazon in both English and German! Now you can finally get your hands on them without visiting me at a con.

What took me so long you ask? Laziness for the most part, but the launch also took a lot of time to prepare. And I had a lot of nonsense to do other than working on books. ANYWAY, that's neither here nor there.

As I already mentioned, you can get your very own Piece of Me (see what I did there?) by clicking on this link. Each book contains a number of extras and goodies, like remade classics, remastered and improved dialogue (proper remastered, not the George Lucas kind) and – wait for it – fan art. That's right, if you've ever drawn fan art for this comic, chances are your piece will show up in one of my books. So what're you waiting for, go get your Piece of Me book over at Amazon!


Journey to the Skyline
West by Kate Slinger
Void Comics
by Ezekiel Rage
Antares Complex
by Mike Girardin